Dagmar Gombitová

Dagmar Gombitova, D&D Partner, has been involved with EU projects as far back as 1993. Dagmar was directly involved in the implementation of projects dealing with labour market and public administration issues. Since 1997 she has been dealing with monitoring and evaluation services, starting with EU pre-accession schemes, but later followed by many other interventions of various donors in numerous sectors. She has been also specialising in training and coaching activities in the area of monitoring and evaluation. Moreover, Dagmar is firm with providing methodological support, quality control and management of evaluation teams and assignments.

Dagmar initiated the establishment of the Slovak evaluation society and is involved in the society’s operation; she is the member of the European Evaluation Society and member of the International Development Evaluation Association IDEAS. She is author of the first Slovak Guideline on monitoring and evaluation.

Dietmar Aigner

Dietmar Aigner, D&D Partner, has the international working experience both with public and private sectors. Since 1998 he has been dealing with the analyses, monitoring and evaluation. Dietmar has significant experience in conducting high-level evaluations and in leading teams towards desired objectives. He has been regularly conducting evaluations for EU Commission, national entities and international donors, following highest ethical and professional standards. Dietmar demonstrates strong communication and reporting skills. He shows an excellent understanding of the operation of policy and aid interventions. Experience of working with senior officials from governments and international agencies is evident.

The ability to work in a multi-disciplinary area and to build effective working relations across cultures is one of the key competencies of Dietmar.